SORA is a Serbian 122mm self-propelled howitzer prototype, first revealed at the 2013 Partner defense show.

The SORA is designed to meet the contemporary battlefield requirements, which means the principle Gun and Run is scheduled as the basic operation type of this weapon. Serbia has also developed another 155mm self-propelled gun system, the Nora B-52. Unlike its brother, the 122 mm Sora self-propelled howitzer is designed to provide general fire support at the brigade level unit.

Currently only 2 SORA prototypes have been completed. The self-propelled gun is built on a modified 6×6 FAP 2026 BS/AV truck chassis. Its main armament is a modernized D-30 122 mm howitzer. Main functions of the weapon system, such as navigation, gun lying, loading of ammunition and deployment, are fully automatic.

This artillery system, with a 5-member crew, has the overall weight of 16,500kg and the operational range of over 500km. The maximum range is over 15,000m and the fire rate is 6 rounds/m. The upper part of the gun is fitted with an autoloader with six projectiles and charges located in two drums on both sides of the gun. Thanks to the high level of automatization, SORA is able to operate with only two crew members.

Fire-control system of SORA consists of ballistic computer which can work in two modes. The first one is when howitzer is operating independently, in which case crew has to input the firing elements, meteorological data, and ammunition data. In second case ballistic computer receives firing data from command spot, and sends back the condition and position of the howitzer. Ballistic computer works together with other elements of the fire-control system, such as inertial and satellite navigation, positioning and orientation subsystem.

The vehicle is equipped with a Mercedes-Benz OM 402 188 kW engine, for a top road speed of 80 km/h, and a range of 500 km. When travelling, the cannon is held in position by a clamp, at the elevation of +2°. In firing position, two trails and one firing platform are lowered to the ground to stabilize the vehicle. System is fully automated, with crew members located in the truck cabin during firing mission.

The SORA can fire new 122mm extended range artillery projectiles. The shells are designed for general fire support missions against enemy troops, light fortifications and unarmoured and lightly armoured vehicles.


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