With the forward-swept wings design, although only equipped with a single jet engine, the SR-10 has great maneuverability

The full name is KB SAT SR-10, this is an intermediate trainer – a fairly new concept developed by the Russian Aerospace Forces to squeeze into the segment between the Yak-152 and the Yak-130. Although designed like the Su-47 with forward-swept wings, the SR-10 is confirmed to be extremely suitable for transitioning pilots from propeller aircraft to jet aircraft.

Making its maiden flight on December 25, 2015, the SR-10 is one of the rare jets developed by a private Russian aviation company, the KB SAT Design Bureau. Since its appearance, the SR-10 has received special attention from the Russian Air Force. Basically its mission is similar to the Yak-130s. What makes the SR-10 special is its forward-swept wings design.

With this design, although only equipped with a single jet engine, the SR-10 has great maneuverability. It can simulate complex flight movements similar to 4th and 4+ generation fighters such as Su-27, Su-35 or MiG-29. However, this design also has some disadvantages. The aircraft easily loses stability when reaching a certain speed limit, because of its aerodynamic design. According to KB SAT, the entire fuselage of the SR-10 is made of composite materials, which makes the aircraft lighter but still does not affect the durability.

Regarding the power system, the SR-10 is equipped with an outdated Ivchenko AI-25 engine model compared to the Yak-130, but its performance on the SR-10 is not too bad. The SR-10 has a top speed of 800-900km/h with a range of up to 1,500km. The maximum take-off weight of the SR-10 is 3.1 tons, with a two-seat cockpit designed specifically for training operations.


One of the reasons that makes the SR-10 more attractive than the Yak-130 and Yak-152 is its cost, which will certainly be much cheaper than the Yak-130. The flight stability advantages of the SR-10 trainer make it extremely suitable for jet pilot training, ensuring that any mistake by a trainee pilot will not lead to too serious consequences due to aircraft with high stability.

Speaking of Yak-130, it’s too modern and complicated for a student to master. The transition from the Yak-152 to the Yak-130 will certainly make many student pilots overwhelmed. So, an intermediate trainer like the SR-10 will definitely be essential for pilot training in the future.


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