The Stormer HVM short-range air defense system was present in Ukraine. This is a development that makes the Russian Air Force very alert.The Stormer HVM short-range air defense system was present in Ukraine. This is a development that makes the Russian Air Force very alert.

Stormer HVM can play a big role in protecting the armored formation of the Ukrainian Army when conducting a general counter-attack.

The UK Ministry of Defense announced on July 21 that it had delivered six Stormer HVM air defense missile systems and “hundreds of missiles” to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This can be seen as a farewell gift that Prime Minister Boris Johnson sent to President Zelensky. It should be noted that earlier information that Ukraine could receive the Stomer HMV air defense missile system appeared in mid-April, although it took more than 3 months for the weapon to be officially handed over.

The Stormer HVM or High Velocity Missile, is a short-range air defense system to protect motorized convoys from threats from attack helicopters or low-flying aircraft. Stormer HVM officially served in the British Army since 1997. The number at the time of duty was 151 units, in addition this weapon is in service with the Oman Army.

The strength of the Stormer HVM lies in the short-range Starstreak surface-to-air missile. The launcher is located at the rear of the vehicle along with the navigation sensor. Previously, this weapon was supplied to Ukraine by Britain but in the form of a shoulder launcher.

The Starstreak has a two-stage solid propellant rocket motor and travels at a speed in excess of Mach 3. The manufacturer claims that at the time of its introduction it was the fastest short-range SAM system ever fielded. Missile has a range of up to 5.5 km.

The Starstreak has a semi-automatic line of sight laser beam riding guidance. Operator uses an optically stabilized sight and must keep a crosshair on the target until the missile hits its target. This missile has immediate launch capability as no seeker cool down or lock on is required. It takes less than 5 seconds from target acquisition to missile launch. Also laser guidance is immune to all known countermeasures. The Starstreak laser emits very little energy ensuring no warning to target. This British missile has a high first round hit probability.

Warhead of the Starstreak consists of 3 tungsten penetrator darts. Each dart weights 900 g and has impact fuse and explosive warhead. The darts are released as the second stage of the motor burns out. Such design allows to make up to three hits on the target, though direct hit is required in order to shot down an air target. This missile can shot down even heavily armored air targets, such as attack helicopters and ground attack aircraft.

Starstreak missiles are also effective against ground targets. Its warhead is estimated to have enough kinetic energy to penetrate the armor of an infantry fighting vehicle. There are a total of 8 ready-to-fire missiles mounted on the launcher and 12 reloaded missiles placed inside the vehicle. It is worth mentioning that the Starstreak can also be fired from a light launcher or a shoulder launcher.

The vehicle has a roof-mounted turret-type combat module with specialized equipment for target identification and warning priority. The Stormer HVM air defense system has the ability to quickly engage in combat with a high probability of destroying targets.

The combat crew consists of 3 people: commander, gunner and driver. This short-range air defense system uses a modified Alvis Stormer armored vehicle chassis. At the heart is a 250-horsepower Perkins turbocharged diesel engine, it can wade with preparation.

The British Ministry of Defense said that, since 2009, the Stormer HVM system has been gradually decommissioned. This is mainly because the threat of an air attack on Western forces has almost completely disappeared. When the Stormer HMV officially enters the war, Russian pilots will have to take special precautions. This was not the Soviet-type missile they were familiar with.


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