On February 9, The Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering “Rubin” unveiled the second modified version of a patrol boat, named Strazh.

Positioned as a class of offshore patrol boats, the Strazh can be used to prevent illegal trade, poaching and other law infringements. It can also be used as a rescue or research vessels. The submerged position gives the ship two advantages at once: conducting covert surveillance for intruders (and successfully intercepting them) and escaping adverse weather conditions without interrupting the patrol. A submersible ship can be used as a classic submarine for reconnaissance and other tasks.

Submersible Patrol Ship Strazh
Submersible Patrol Ship Strazh

Strazh can also perform underwater survey missions. It can also serve as a low-cost training tool to prepare crews and infrastructure for the future procurement of classic submarines. According to the revealed drawings, the ship is quite similar to the Whiskey-class submarines (Project 613) – the most numerous series of the Soviet submarines, very popular with foreign customers. Basic parameters are also much the same, with the surface displacement around 1,000 tons, overall length of 60 to 70 metres depending on the configuration, and the crew up to 42 people including the boarding team.

Large pressure-proof containers can be used to store rigid-hulled inflatable boats for boarding teams or an UAV with up to 3 hours endurance, its launch sequence will be automated and will not require the presence of people on the open deck. At the customer’s choice, the ship can be fitted with torpedoes, small guided missiles and autocannon.

Their hull and equipment will not very different from WWII units, but the specification for a dive over 200 meters, and greater autonomy, as well as mass production. According to experts, the surface mode should be primary, and the submerged mode will be used in emergency situations or to solve special tasks. If this project is successfully implemented, it will become a military breakthrough. Because so far no country has such ships put into service.


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