KRI Alugoro is classified as a diesel-electric submarine.

The KRI Alugoro of Nagapasa class submarine of the Indonesian Navy has a rather compact design, with a maximum displacement of only 1400 tons. It has a length of 61.2 metres (200 ft 9 in) with a beam of 6.25 metres (20 ft 6 in) and a hull draught of 5.5 metres (18 ft 1 in).

The Indonesian submarine uses four MTU 12V 493 diesel generators, providing a total of 5,000 horsepower. Its onboard fuel reserve makes it possible to cruise up to 20,000 km at 11 knots when Submerged, and can reach a maximum speed of 21.5 knots (39.8 km/h) when surfaced.

KRI Alugoro
KRI Alugoro

The extremely smart design of the Nagapasa-class submarine allows it to hold enough food for more than 40 crew members, making continuous 50-day cruises at sea without resupply. Compared with conventional diesel-electric submarines, Nagapasa possesses the ability to dive deeply, up to 500 meters. At this depth, the Nagapasa class submarines will be completely “stealth”.

Despite its compact size, Indonesia’s Nagapasa-class submarines are equipped with 8 533mm torpedo tubes, carrying up to 14 Black Shark torpedoes. This is a modern torpedo manufactured by Italy since 2004. The torpedo has a length of 6.3 meters, maximum range up to 50 km. It is armed with a powerful explosive warhead, that could engulf the enemy’s frigate with a single shot.

As of 2019, Indonesia has planned to build a total of 6 new submarines of this class. Along with the two Cakra class submarines, the country will soon have the most powerful submarine force in Southeast Asia. According to previously published documents, the cost of owning three Nagapasa class submarines since 2011 up to $1.07 billion.


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