The Eurasia Times of India has an article that reviews the country’s fourth-generation Tejas MK1A fighter, claiming that it is more reliable than the Chinese-made fighter.

Compared to China’s J-20 5th generation fighter jet, the Tejas MK1A is poor in many key features. However, with its in-depth investment, it can beat fighters of the same level of China and Pakistan, such as the J-10C or JF-17.

Tejas MK1A’s upgrades include an Active electronically scanned array (EASA), aerial refueling, Beyond-visual-range missiles, and advanced electronic countermeasures. , etc.

According to public information, the Tejas MK1A fighter is a model of international cooperation. The aircraft is equipped with a F404 engine produced by the US General Electric Company. The aircraft’s radar and electronic warfare equipment belong to the IAI Israel company.

Tejas Fighter
Tejas fighter

According to Salvatore Babones, columnist of US magazine “Foreign Policy”: “Not only does it have one of the world’s largest military procurement budgets and a large pool of talented engineers, but India also has a strong tradition of rule of law that protects intellectual property and ensures the enforceability of contracts.”

In contrast to India, China has a history of copying foreign designs and technologies, and turning them into domestically produced technology. From fighters to submarines and even cars, China has always mimicked Western technology.

According to Babones, the biggest advantage of the Tejas MK1A fighter is that it is more reliable than any fighter made by China. All Indian fighters have clear source technology. The Kaveri domestic powerplant is being developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), which can provide 80 kilonewtons of thrust.

However, this engine is believed to not meet the requirements of the Tejas MK1A fighter. Currently, Tejas MK1A is still using the US F404 engine. On the other hand, China continues to rely on old Russian engines.

Tejas MK1A fighter is also equipped with modern sensors and electronics imported from Israel, and missiles from Russia, which is a good combination of modern products.

Although the Tejas MK1A is cheaper than the US F-16 fighter jet, it is more expensive than the Chinese fighter jet. However, analysts believe that the aircraft’s excellent quality will certainly bring long-term benefits to it.


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