T-55M6 is said to be the most formidable upgrade package today thanks to its superior power compared to the original.

Russia is said to be re-commissioning the famous legendary T-54/55 tank from the Soviet era. Putting them back into service will surely have to be upgraded more or less to meet the requirements of modern warfare. With nearly 100,000 units produced, the T54/55 is currently the largest production tank since the second world war. Currently, there are still thousands of tanks in effective service in the armies of countries around the world.

A series of upgraded versions have been applied to this tank, of which the T-55M6 is said to be the most formidable upgrade package today thanks to its superior power compared to the original, along with the price up to $2.4 million each. The notable upgrade of this version is a new suspension with the addition of one wheel on each side. This makes the T-55M6 at a glance very easy to be confused with the T-72 tank.

It is said that this upgrade package even makes the legendary T-55 stronger than the original T-72. The turret is also fully upgraded with an automatic loader and a 125 mm 2A46M smoothbore gun, similar to the T-72BM tank. Customers can optionally equip the 1A40-1 fire control system compatible with the 9K120 Svir anti-tank missile (similar to the T-72BM), or the 1A42 system to fire the 9K119 Refleks missile (similar to the T-80U).

Thanks to the explosive reactive armor Kontakt-5, the protection ability of the T-55M6 is also rated equivalent to that of the T-80U. The weight of the tank with Kontakt-5 armor weighs 43 tons, significantly heavier than the original 36 tons. A newly installed V-46-5M engine, with a capacity of 690 horsepower, makes the vehicle more maneuverable on many types of terrain.

Despite its remarkable power, observers believe that the upgrade to the T-55M6 standard is not feasible. The cost is too high, up to 2.5 million dollars. Customers can buy up to 2 T-64BM Bulat tanks or 3 old Leopard 2A4 tanks. Both of these tanks are considered to have the same power as the first generation T-90 tanks and exceed the original T-72. Second, the upgrade is complicated because the vehicle structure changes a lot, which makes maintenance expensive. However, this is undeniably the best and most complex upgrade package for the T-54/55 tank.


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