According to Armyrecognition, there were 4 Russian T-80UE-1 tanks abandoned in the city of Sumy, and they were immediately seized and re-commissioned by the Ukrainian armed forces.

It is known that T-80UE-1 is a rare tank of the Russian army. The T-80UE-1 variant is a minor improvement on the 1999 T-80UE – which is an export variant of the T-80U.

According to statements from the UAF, at least one of these tanks is currently in active service with the forces of the Kyiv regime and is assigned to the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Basically, the appearance of the T-80UE-1 is not much different from the T-80U. The vehicle has a weight of 46 tons, a length of 7.01m, a width of 3.6m, and a height of 2.2m.

The tank front and turret are equipped with the latest generation Kontakt-5 explosive reactive armor that is resistant to APFSDS rounds. The upgrades include the installation of an infrared sight, “Plisa,” which strikingly resembles the ESSA sight used in the T-90A tank. Additionally, the original 2A46M-1 gun has been replaced with a more advanced model, the 2A46M-4. The loading mechanism, designated 6EK43-2C, has also been improved to accommodate modern ammunition, including high-penetration tungsten alloy projectiles and new programmable fuses from the “Aynet” system for explosive shells.

Due to the similarity of its chassis with the T-80BV, the T-80UE-1 is relatively easy to maintain and repair, making it an attractive choice for some armies looking to modernize their tank fleet without investing in entirely new vehicles. The decision to change the tank’s chassis was motivated by issues with the diesel power units of the T-80UD, as the original engines were manufactured in Ukraine.

The T-80UE-1 is still equipped with a powerful multi-fuel gas turbine engine GTD-1250 1,250 hp that allows it to reach a road speed of up to 70km/h. It is not clear how many T-80UE-1 tanks are currently in service with the Russian army. However, it is known that their number will not be many because Russia then focused only on the T-90, so the T-80UE-1 is considered a rare tank in the Russian army.


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