With stealth design, powerful weapons, the Talwar class missile frigate of the Indian Navy is a formidable opponent at sea.


Talwar, also known as Project 11356, is a missile frigate project designed and built by Russia at the request of the Indian Navy. The program is based on the Krivak III class frigate of the Russian Coast Guard. The design has been further developed as the Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate for the Russian Navy.


Project 1135.6 was based on the earlier project 1135.1, dating back to the early 1980s. Talwar class missile frigates are designed with the technology to minimize the radar cross-section, making it difficult for the ship to be detected from afar by enemy radar. In addition, the ships are equipped with a number of technologies to minimize infrared signatures and operating noise.

The sides of the superstructure are sloped and relatively clean. The ship’s hull is characterized by outward flare and tumblehome. When commissioned in 2002, the INS Talwar became the Indian Navy’s first stealth warship.

The Talwar-class has a full displacement of 4,000 tons, a length of 124.8 meters, a beam of 15.2 meters, and a draft of 4.2 meters.

Talwar-class frigate
Talwar-class frigate


On the main power plant, the ship is equipped with a Combined gas turbine and gas turbine propulsion system, which consists of two afterburner gas turbine engines and two cruise gas turbines, driving two-shafts. The total power is 56,000 hp.

The ships can reach a top speed of 32 knots, a range of 4,210 nmi at a cruise speed of 14 knots. Talwar class frigates have 30-day endurance at sea, operated by a crew of 180 people.


The Talwar class is armed with a 100mm A-190E naval gun, with a maximum rate of fire of 60 rounds/min and a maximum range of 15.2km.

The stern is equipped with two Kashtan CIWSs, which can destroy targets at a distance of up to 10km, at an altitude of 3.5km. Kastan is effective against low flying targets including aircraft, helicopters, and anti-ship cruise missiles.

In long-range surface-to-air combat, the ship is equipped with 24 Shtil-1 medium range missiles. The system uses 9M317 missiles, a maximum range of 50km.

On the 3 ships of first batch, is equipped with an 8-cell 3S14E VLS, which accommodates the 3M-54E Klub-N anti-ship missile, using active radar guidance with a range of 220 kilometres.

On the three Talwar ships in the second batch, they are equipped with the powerful BrahMos supersonic anti-ship cruise missile system, which has a range of 300 kilometres and moves with the velocity of Mach 3 throughout its flight.

For anti-submarine mission, the ship is equipped with two RBU-6000 anti-submarine rocket launchers with a maximum range of 4,300 meters, an effective depth of up to 1,000 meters. In addition, there are 2 x twin 533mm DTA-53-11356 torpedo tubes, with a range of 16km.


(Source: Wikipedia)

Type:Guided missile frigate
Displacement:3,850 t (4,240 short tons) standard load 4,035 t (4,448 short tons) full load
Length:124.8 m (409 ft 5 in)
Beam:15.2 m (49 ft 10 in)
Draught:4.2 m (13 ft 9 in)
Installed power:Zorya-Mashproekt M7N.1E propulsion plant 2 × DS-71 cruise gas turbines 9,850 shp (7,350 kW) 2 × DT-59 boost gas turbines 22,185 shp (16,543 kW)
Propulsion:COGAG configuration
Speed:32 knots (59 km/h; 37 mph)
Range:4,850 mi (4,210 nmi; 7,810 km) at 14 kn (26 km/h; 16 mph) 1,600 mi (1,400 nmi; 2,600 km) at 30 kn (56 km/h; 35 mph)
Endurance:30 days
Complement:180 (18 officers)
Sensors and
processing systems:
1 × 3Ts-25E Garpun-B surface search radar 1 × MR-212/201-1 navigation radar 1 × Kelvin Hughes Nucleus-2 6000A radar 1 × Ladoga-ME-11356 intertial navigation and stabilisation 1 × Fregat M2EM 3D circular scan radar 1 × Ratep JSC 5P-10E Puma fire-control system 1 × 3R14N-11356 fire-control system FCS 4 × MR-90 Orekh
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
1 × TK-25E-5 EWS 1 × PK-10 ship-borne decoy launching systems 4 × KT-216 decoy launchers
Armament:24 × Shtil-1 medium range missiles 8 × Igla-1E (SA-16) 8 × VLS launched Klub, anti-ship cruise missiles (F40, F43, F44) 8 × VLS launched BrahMos, anti-ship and land-attack cruise missiles (F45, F50, F51) 1 × 100mm A-190E, naval gun 2 × AK-630 CIWS (F45, F50, F51) 2 × Kashtan CIWS (F40, F43, F44) 2 × twin 533mm DTA-53-11356 torpedo tubes 1 × RBU-6000 (RPK-8) rocket launcher
Aircraft carried:1 × Ka-28 (or) Ka-31 (or) Dhruv


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