On May 13, the Minister of Defense of Argentina, Jorge Taiana, supervised the firing tests and adjustment of the systems installed on the TAM 2CA2 tank at the Magdalena Tank Shooting Range.

The goal of the test was to verify the modernization of the new systems on this upgraded version. On May 29, 2023, the latest variant of the TAM-2C medium tank family was presented to the public during its 213th anniversary celebration, the TAM-2C-A2.

According to MilitaryLeak, the project to modernize the Tanque Argentino Mediano, or TAM, the main armored vehicle of the Argentine Army, adds state-of-the-art systems to the TAM 2CA2 version to improve combat capabilities and fire accuracy, thanks to an advanced digitalized fire control system. TAM is a medium tank in service with the Argentine Army. The vehicle was developed by a German and Argentine team of engineers, and was based on the German Marder infantry fighting vehicle chassis.

The TAM meets the requirements of the Argentine Army for a modern, light, fast tank with enough firepower to defeat contemporary armored vehicle threats. Development began in 1974 and resulted in the construction of three prototypes by early 1977 and full-scale production by 1979. A total of 280 units have been produced and are in service with the Argentine Army.

TAM has undergone several modernizations. The TAM 2C is the main version in service with the Argentine army, upgraded by Israeli defense contractor Elbit Systems in 2010. The TAM 2C was upgraded with many features, mainly revolving around electronics and other secondary features. A more advanced fire control system and upgraded armor compared to the original model, enhancing its combat effectiveness. It also includes features such as night vision capabilities and a laser rangefinder, which significantly improves its ability to engage targets in low-light conditions and at longer ranges.

The TAM 2CA2 is another prototype of the TAM 2C, currently being tested by the Argentine Army. It integrates upgraded electronics and optics to the ones present on the 2C. The gunner’s sight has been replaced by a system similar to the COAPS (Commander Open Architecture Panoramic Sight) from Elbit Systems, featuring day and night sights, greater ease for long-distance target acquisition, improved sensors and thermal sights, amongst others. The 2CA2 also adds a hunter-killer system for the commander, allowing them to automatically track targets independently of the gunner. 74 TAM and TAM 2C vehicles are expected to be upgraded to TAM 2CA2 by 2030.

TAM inherited many features of the German Marder 1 infantry fighting vehicle. Front armor protects from up to 40 mm armor-piercing rounds, all-round protection is against small arms bullets. Engine is located in front of the hull, thus adding protection.

The main weapon of the vehicle is a fully-stabilized L7A2 105 mm rifled gun. It fires all standard NATO 105 mm munitions. Vehicle carries a total of 50 rounds, 20 of them are located in the turret, while remaining are stored inside the hull. The auxiliary weapons are two 7.62 mm machine guns. One of them is coaxially mounted with the main gun, while the other is mounted on top of the roof.

The Tanque Argentino Mediano is powered by an MTU-MB 833 Ka-500 6-cylinder diesel engine, with 720 hp. The vehicle can reach a maximum speed of up to 75 km/h, a maximum range of up to 800 km with auxiliary fuel tanks. Vehicle is fitted with a deep wading kit, enabling to ford water obstacles up to 4 meters deep.


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