Boeing has just received two more contracts worth more than $2 billion to supply more than 1,000 air-to-surface missiles and anti-ship missiles to US military partners, including Thailand. Dung Tran military Harpoon Block II Missile
Harpoon Block II Missile

The first contract, worth $1.97 billion, is for the project of modernizing the SLAM ER cruise missile as well as transferring 650 new missiles of this type “to support the Saudi government”, according to AFP on May 14, 2020, citing information from the Pentagon.

The contract is scheduled for December 2028 for the SLAM ER missile package, GPS-guided air-to-surface cruise missile with a maximum range of 290 km.

The Pentagon also announced a contract of more than $650 million for 467 Harpoon Block II anti-ship missiles, including more than 400 for Saudi Arabia. The AGM-84L Harpoon rocket has a range of 278 km at a speed of 850 km/h and a maximum altitude of 910m.

The remainder is sold to Brazil, Qatar and Thailand. Meanwhile, assistive devices will be supplied to India, Japan, the Netherlands and South Korea, according to the Pentagon notice.

Harpoon missile review on Dung Tran Military Channel

In another statement, Boeing said the new contracts ensure the Harpoon program will continue until 2026 and allow the start of the SLAM ER production process.

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