The Thaon di Revel class, designed with a high level of modularity and automation.

The main contractor for the project is Fincantieri. Construction of the first patrol vessel began in February 2017. As planned, the first delivery will be in May 2021, while the remaining ships are scheduled between 2022 and 2026.

The Thaon di Revel class, designed with a high level of modularity and automation, will be delivered in a full, and a light configuration in terms of different sensors and equipments embarked and can perform multiple functions, ranging from patrol with sea rescue capacity to civil protection operations and, in its most highly equipped version, first line fighting vessel.

Paolo Thaon di Revel (P430)
Paolo Thaon di Revel (P430)

When completed, the Thaon di Revel will have a full load displacement of approximately 6,270 tons. The ship is 143m (469 ft 2 in) long, the beam is 16.5m (54 ft 2 in), and the draft is 10.5 m (34 ft 5 in).

It is expected that each new ship will be operated by a crew of 171 members. In the middle of the hull is arranged an 11m-long rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) for patrol and transport duties. Serving it is the lateral cranes or through a hauling ramp located at the rear. The vessel’s bridge is placed amidships.

At the rear of the ship is a flight deck and an hangar, which can accommodate up to two NH90 or one EH101 medium-lift utility helicopter. Thanks to the modular design at the stern and center of the hull, allowing it to deploy modules for logistic, residential, healthcare and operations, as needed.

Powering the ship is the Combined diesel and gas propulsion system, consisting of two diesel engines MTU 20V 8000 M91L, 13,000 hp each. There is also a GE LM2500+G4 gas turbine with a capacity of 43,000 hp. The vessel will also feature four diesel engine generators M.A.N. 12V175D, with 2,200 hp each, and two shafts, driving controllable-pitch propellers. Italian offshore patrol vessel can reach a maximum speed of 32 knots, and a range of 5,000nm. The MTU diesel engine alone enable the vessel to sail at speeds of 24k.

In terms of armament, the Italian Thaon di Revel class will be equipped with main weapon is an Oto Melara 127 mm Vulcano with Automated Ammunition Handling System. There are also a Oto Melara 76mm Anti-aircraft gun and 2 remotely controlled Oto Melara Oerlikon KBA B06, for close-range combat operations, anti-smuggling and maritime interdiction.

The multi-role vessels will be equipped with 16 cell DCNS SYLVER A70 VLS for Scalp Naval missiles. There are 8 × Otomat Mk-2/E anti-ship and land attack missiles, and 2 triple WASS B-515 launcher for Black Arrow 324 mm torpedoes.


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