According to Defense Review, three MQ-9B SeaGuardian drones have been approved by the armaments committee of the Greek parliament in a contract worth about $ 400 million. The agreement includes two ground control stations, spare parts and related equipment.

Greece is promoting the purchase of drones to enhance its maritime surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting capabilities amid rising tensions with Turkey. The drone has an operational life of 40 hours and a range of 1,850 kilometers (1,149 miles).

Relations with Turkey are tense

A Turkish drone flew over a Greek island in the Aegean Sea early last month, forcing the Greek air force to dispatch aircraft to intercept it.

After the incident, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan asked Greece to demilitarize the Aegean Sea islands, saying that Athens had violated “treaties that guarantee the unarmed status of the Aegean islands.”

Unmanned vehicle warfare is the future

The system will use Israeli technology to electronically neutralize Turkish drones such as the Bayraktar and Anca by interfering in their flight plans, Greek outlet Kathimerini reported.

Greece is also planning to purchase 76 US-made AAVP-7 amphibious assault vehicles, Mark XIIA Identification Friend or Foe Mode 5, and technical and material support for its Type 209 submarine engines, according to Overt Defense.


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