No miracles happened, Indonesian authorities announced, all 53 soldiers on board were killed, including 49 sailors, a captain and three officers specialized in weapons

A piece of the Nanggala 402’s rescue bag was found at the seabed. At a depth of 850 meters, these rescue bags are completely unable to help the crew escape safely. Many comments also said that the Nanggala 402 was broken after colliding with the seabed, making it easier for rescuers to find it. In the case of the boat that is still intact, finding it at a depth of 850 meters is clearly impossible, as the hull is designed to completely evade from conventional search methods.

The Korean side surmised that the cause of this catastrophic accident could be that the Nanggala 402 submarine was not properly maintained. The Indonesian Navy itself admitted that the boat has not been used for diving missions for several years, but the exact cause takes a long time to determine.

In theory, the Nanggala 402 is capable of carrying up to 38 crew members and officers. The maximum safe depth allowed according to the manufacturer’s announcement, is about 350 meters. Thus, the Nanggala 402 has sunk nearly three times the depth of its original design.

According to international practice, it is likely that Indonesia will not salvage this ship, but will turn it into a mass grave for 53 crew members. However, if it is not recovered, it will be difficult to confirm the exact cause of the tragedy.


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