A special line of armored personnel carriers, large in size with extremely fierce appearance, which is an upgraded version of the Namer.

According to the introduction, Namer – the world’s heaviest armored personnel carrier (APC) is built by Israel based on the Merkava Mk IV main battle tank chassis to replace the Achzarits converted from the T-54/55 medium tanks. Namer armored personnel carriers can protect the crew and soldiers inside comparable to a main battle tank. According to international military experts, the Namer is the best-protected APC in the world today.

The first batch of Namer APCs were delivered to the Israeli army in 2008. Up to 2017, the Israeli Ground Forces have received about 170 vehicles. Namer APC is equipped with modular complex armor, which is very resistant to traditional anti-tank weapons. In addition, the active protection system (APS) Iron Fist also helps the vehicle become safer.

Namer Armored Personnel Carrier
Namer Armored Personnel Carrier

Namer APC has a length of 7.5 m, a width of 3.8 m, a height of 2 m, and has a weight of up to 50 tons. Namer is the heaviest armored personnel carrier on the planet. Namer can accommodate 10 soldiers with full weapons and equipment. They entered the vehicle through the rear door to avoid being damaged by enemy direct fire.

The armored personnel carrier is operated by a crew of two, integrates the world’s best communication systems, provides reliable communication with the command center, and enhances the ability to situational awareness. Namer is equipped with Continental AVDS-1790-9AR diesel engine, with 1,200 hp. The powerful propulsion system makes it possible to move at a maximum speed of 60 km/h, with an operating range of 500 km.

The original Namer was only equipped with a remote-controlled weapon station that integrated a 12.7 mm machine gun or a 40 mm grenade launcher. There is also a manual 7.62 mm machine gun. These weapons were said to be inadequate for a monster like Namer. Recently Israel has added a 30mm automatic turret, making it possible for the Namer to take on the role of a heavy infantry fighting vehicle.

The Namer armored personnel carrier combined with the Merkava Mk IV tank will create a powerful penetrating power for the Israeli infantry. This pair is something that Hamas forces will have a lot of headaches to find a way to deal with.


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