Based on incomplete images, military experts believe that this new fighter is likely to carry the Su-75 designation, not Su-59 as previously speculated

The design of the fighter is basically the same as the previous 3D simulation, with a single engine, air intakes under the nose. The cockpit is accessed through a sliding door to the rear. Initially, many experts said that this could be a Mikoyan fighter, then based on available images the fighter is expected to carry the designation Su-59. However, with the number 75 revealed on the fuselage, many people believe that the fighter will be codenamed 75, not the Su-59 as previously rumored. As a rule, new Russian fighters will have the same number as their name. In the past, the Su-57 fighter appeared at the MAKS exhibition with the number 057 on the fuselage.

Indeed, the latest Russian fighter has almost completely been revealed. With the advantage of only a single engine, the production and operating costs of this new stealth fighter are expected to be much lower than the current 5th generation fighters. Currently, except for the US F-35 fighter, other 5th generation fighters from Russia and China, all use twin engines.

the new model has a tail similar to the American X-32 or YF-23
The new model has a tail similar to the American X-32 or YF-23

With what has been revealed, do you see something very familiar, but not like Russian planes, but like the Western X-32, a failure in the American single-engine fighter competition. This similarity can be easily seen through the superficial features. The air intake is arranged under the cockpit: Instead of being arranged on the sides like the 4th generation Russian aircraft such as the MiG-29 or the Su-27/30 and the latest Su-57 family aircraft. The new Russian model uses the same air intake as the X-32.

The new Russian fighter has a V-shaped tail – This is also a rather strange design for Russian aircraft models. The vertical V-shaped tail has appeared on the Su-57, but this aircraft still has a horizontal tail, while the new model has a tail similar to the American X-32 or YF-23.

The strange Russian plane has only a single engine. Perhaps this comes from the need for export customers, because many countries need a single-engine light fighter to reduce the cost of use and maintenance, which American models like the F-16 or F-35 are doing very well.

Objectively speaking, it can be seen that the Russian fighter has a clear resemblance to the American model. With a gap of 20 years, the details and avionics of these two aircraft will have a lot of differences, but there is no denying the large similarity between these two Russian and American stealth fighters.


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