In the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, the T-72 is the main battle tank used the most by both warring sides, and this is also the tank that has suffered the most damage.

T-72 Main battle tank, the leading “Former King of the battlefield” of the Soviet Union and also the most used tank on the Ukrainian battlefield by both warring sides. The T-72 MBT was developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War on the basis of the T-62 tank, but borrowed the turret of the T-80, and was put into service with the Soviet Army in 1977. The T-72 is one of 3rd generation MBTs were most produced during the Cold War and Russia was the country that inherited the most tanks of this type after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

In the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, the T-72 is the main battle tank used the most by both warring sides, and this is also the tank that has suffered the most damage. The T-72 has advantages in many aspects. First is powerful firepower: The T-72 is equipped with a 125 mm main gun, capable of destroying all enemy armored targets, including modern tank armor. It can also launch missiles through the main gun barrel, improving combat flexibility and attack range.

The T-72 tank is equipped with a turbocharged diesel engine with 780 horsepower, providing good maneuverability and speed. It can move quickly in various terrain conditions and adapt to different battlefield environments. The T-72 applies advanced technology and armor design, which can effectively protect the crew from enemy fire threats and provide the ability to Relatively high protection. The front armor of the T-72 tank is capable of resisting most conventional anti-tank artillery shells and anti-tank missiles. The vehicle’s armor includes composite armor, explosive reactive armor (ERA) and an automatic fire suppression system, providing high survivability.

The T-72 is equipped with a fire control system, observation equipment and digital communications system, providing high command and battlefield awareness capabilities. These devices allow commanders and gunners to lock on and target more accurately, improving attack effectiveness.

The T-72’s design focuses on ease of manufacture and repair, making it highly reliable and repairable on the battlefield. This is important for maintaining combat effectiveness and the ability to quickly return to action. Overall, the T-72 has become an excellent tank that is widely used thanks to its strong firepower, high mobility, solid protection, advanced electronics and ease of maintenance and repair; So it is not difficult to understand that it is the type of MBT that appears most often on the Ukrainian battlefield.

To meet the requirements of modern warfare, the Russian Army’s most extensively modernized version of the T-72 is the T-72B3 and has been used extensively on the Ukrainian battlefield. The T-72B3 is upgraded with a fire control system, equipped with a Sona-U thermal imaging sight with a visibility of about 5 km and protective armor, to increase survivability on the battlefield.

The upgraded T-72B3 version has been in service with the Russian army since 2013. The tank weighs 45 tons; Overall length is 9.53 m, width is 3.46 m, height is 2.2 m. The vehicle has a crew of 3 including: driver, gunner and commander. The protection of the T-72B3 is significantly improved with Relikt ERA. In addition, ERA is also equipped on the sides, while the rear of the vehicle is covered by cage armor. The new armor provides superior protection against Tandem warheads.


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