The number 49 on the model plane shows that the fighter will be identified as MiG-49.

At the MAKS 2021 Exhibition, in addition to the magnificent debut of the Su-75 Checkmate developed by Sukhoi, the MiG Corporation also brought another very remarkable fighter. So far, no information about this fighter has been revealed. All work is being actively underway so that the fighter can be launched in the near future.

After closely observing a model believed to be a Mig-49, experts have commented that the MiG-49 is actually an improved version of the MiG-144 fighter in the past, the ill-fated fighter seems to coming back to life in a new form. The origin of the MiG-144 program dates back to 1979. MiG presented this stealth fighter to counter the American F-22 Raptor.

Stealth Fighter MiG-49
Stealth Fighter MiG-49

The MiG 144 is said to have applied radio signal reduction technology, making the aircraft stealthy to enemy radars. In 2000, the MiG 144 fighter flew twice, but then this project was abandoned for unclear reasons. According to some Russian military sources, the main reason why the MiG-144 program was frozen was because Moscow had its choice with the 5th generation stealth fighter, the T-50, known today as the Su-57.

The reason why Russia was cold to the MiG-144 was because at that time the limited budget did not allow them to simultaneously carry out two expensive stealth aircraft programs. After a long time of being forgotten, the MiG aircraft manufacturer in 2019 suddenly announced the revival of the project to build a fifth-generation fighter based on the MiG-144 prototype.

“This is the future version of a medium-sized fighter for the tactical air force,” a representative of Russia’s United Aviation Corporation announced. It can be seen that the MiG-49 is clearly a reborn MiG-144, and the program is completely independent of the future MiG-41 interceptor.


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