Murmansk-BN can have an impact on military objects within a radius of up to 5,000 km

The Murmansk-BN complex is designed for electronic reconnaissance and suppression of enemy signals. The system covers the entire shortwave range with frequencies from 3-30 MHz used by warships and aircraft.

Murmansk-BN automatically scans over a large area. If sources of radio emissions are detected, the system’s transmitters start jamming in narrow bands, so that the enemy can’t exchange information. Murmansk-BN is capable of intercepting communications between warships, aircraft and satellites. Furthermore, in both directions, blocking the flow of information from satellites to specific combat units. This is very important, because the target reconnaissance satellites are capable of accurately guiding the missile to hit the target.

The impact of the Murmansk-BN system renders the enemy’s smart weapons useless, reconnaissance and early warning aircraft unable to provide information about the targets. For the US and NATO, the network is the center of military operations, if suppressed, the ability to fight will be paralyzed.

However, the Murmansk-BN system is not capable of suppressing GPS. To suppress GPS signals, there is another electronic warfare system, the Krasukha-4 system, with a range of 300 km. It can not only jam GPS signal, but also can perform spoofing function. The system will replace some bits in the satellite signal with others, resulting in the GPS receiver being given incorrect coordinates.

Russian electronic warfare systems have proven effective in the Syrian battlefield. American pilots have repeatedly complained about the malfunction of the navigation system and about the difficulties they face when fighting here. This threat put a lot of pressure on the Americans, forcing them to develop an anti-spoofing device by Lockheed Martin.


Talking about the advantages of the Murmansk-BN complex, it is necessary to emphasize its mobility. The system is installed on 7 KamAZ trucks with high off-road capability, the system can be deployed in 72 hours.

Those are great advantages for a strategic complex, capable of radically influencing the future battlefield. The Murmansk-BN system has been installed in Crimea, the Kola peninsula, the Kaliningrad region and the Far East. The system is used in all four fleets of the Russian Navy: the Black Sea, the North, the Baltic and the Pacific Ocean.


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