The French Navy’s intelligence reconnaissance ship Dupuy de Lome is considered a “Ghost” at sea

Dupuy de Lome

Dupuy de Lome was launched in 2004. It has a length of 101.75 m, a width of 15.85 m, a standard displacement of 3,100 tons and a full load of 3,600 tons. The ship’s propulsion system is 2 Diesel engines, driving two shafts, maximum cruise speed of 16 knots. The front of the hull is installed with 4 thrusters, so it has the ability to change direction quickly and dock well.

Dupuy de Lome is equipped with an all-frequency communication system from VHF to UHF, able to collect all signals with frequencies from 30 kHz to 100 GHz, as well as a complete electronic reconnaissance system. She provides a 350-day-operational availability a year, out of which 240 can be spent at sea. The ship is operated by two naval crews, each composed of thirty-three sailors and another thirty-three technicians, and an optional complement of up to thirty-eight specialists, depending on the mission.

Dupuy de Lome
Dupuy de Lome

According to open sources, the equipment on board includes a radio intelligence system of various kinds, a radiation warning system, satellite communication systems, and two navigational devices. These devices allow Dupuy de Lome to discover, pinpoint and analyze different types of radar signals. In addition, she is also capable of intercepting and eavesdropping on communications systems, including satellites in low Earth orbit.

Some sources believe that Dupuy de Lome is equipped with various types of communication devices and antennas, capable of reading emails and eavesdropping on cell phone conversations. Two large radars covered in two highly recognizable ‘balls’ atop the Dupuy de Lome. This French spy ship is capable of ‘intercepting’ many types of radio signals in the area it passes through.

In 2014, during the Ukraine crisis, the Dupuy de Lome entered the Black Sea several times. Since the Montreux Convention, warships of non-Black Sea countries cannot stay in this sea for more than 21 days. This ship is considered one of the most feared electronic reconnaissance ships in the world, but it seems to have “lost” to the Russian electronic warfare system during an operation near Crimea in 2020.

According to, in September 2020, the Dupuy de Lome with jamming and electronic reconnaissance devices attempted to jam Russian S-400 air defense systems in Crimea. Krasukha with a range of 300 km disabled the electronic equipment of the French ship, forcing it to change its route. Russian expert Valery Dandykin said that the French ship made a “big mistake” when trying to test Russia’s electronic warfare system.


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