Ukrainian armed units continued to suffer and had to retreat, many cities, towns and villages fell under the control of the Donbass militia.

The offensive by the militias of the Donbass republics continues, forces are advancing and establishing control over new settlements. This was announced by the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Igor Konashenkov.

The DPR wings, with fire support from the Russian armed forces, continued to advance towards Kramatorsk, and at the same time advanced to the Krasny Liman, Yampol, and Privolye lines.

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The troops of the DPR had advanced another 8 km, the settlements of Nazarovka, Kuibyshevo, Kalinino, Novogrigorievka were under their control.

At the same time, fighting on both sides of the border with the Donbass militia, the Russian armed forces also controlled the settlements of Verkhnyaya Krinitsa, Komsomolskoye, Chistopolye, Novopoltavka, Kamysh, Zarya, Truzhnevo.

The encirclement around the city of Mariupol gradually narrowed, and the DPR’s forces gained control of a factory named after Lenin. Several families of local civilians were evacuated by Russian soldiers through humanitarian corridors to a safe area.

According to Eduard Basurin, press secretary of the DPR force, this is the first recorded exit for civilians to escape the city. All residents of the village of Vinogradovo were evacuated to Azovsk, where full support was provided by the DPR.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, a total of 1,812 Ukrainian military infrastructure has been destroyed since the start of the military operation on February 24. The attacks with precision-guided weapons continued.

To date, the Ukrainian side has destroyed 49 aircraft on the ground and 13 in the air, 635 tanks and BMP-BTR armored vehicles, 54 unmanned aerial vehicles, 56 vehicles of the S-300 system, Buk M-1 and Osa air defense system.

In addition, 67 MLRS multiple launch artillery systems, 252 artillery and mortars, 442 special equipment, along with 65 command posts and communication centers and 59 radar stations were destroyed. The city of Energodar has been under the control of the Russian military, the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant is still operating, the radiation background is in normal condition.

In another development, the Russian armed forces surrounded and destroyed the main groups of Ukrainian nationalists. Russian units, operating on the flanks bordering the Donbass militia units, controlled the settlements of Blagoveshchenka, Sinya Gora, Petrovskoye, Shevchenkovskoye, Sladkaya Balka, Ilchenkovo, Ocherevataia and Novoprokopovka.

Against this backdrop, the arrival of foreign mercenaries and foreign private military companies (PMCs) in the combat zone was noted. According to reports, about 200 mercenaries from Croatia came to Ukraine via Poland and joined one of the nationalist battalions. In the US, there is a campaign to recruit contract soldiers for PMCs to be sent to Ukraine.


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