S-400 is capable of striking enemies at distances from 60km to 400km, at altitudes from several meters to tens of kilometers, can destroy ballistic targets flying at 4.8 km per second.

The Russian Defense Ministry said it had tested ballistic interception capabilities at a distance of 400km for the S-400 Triumph defense system (or SA-21 Growler, according to NATO’s identification code), and had perfect work. The test was conducted at a training field in the Eastern Military District on April 28, 2020.

S-400 reaches a maximum range of 400km when equipped with the new 40N6E missile

“Under the hypothetical scenario, the enemy launches ballistic missiles at the critical infrastructure of a military base. S-400 has locked the target at a distance of approximately 400 km, tracked them and then launched missiles to destroy,” the announcement of the Russian Defense Ministry said.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Favorit-RM and Armavir hypersonic targets have been used to impersonate attack missiles. The S-400 is designed to intercept strategic and tactical aircraft, cruise missiles, hypersonic ballistic missiles and many other aerial targets in dense electronic warfare environments.

The Triumph system is capable of striking enemy targets at distances from 60km to 400km, at altitudes from a few meters to tens of kilometers. The S-400 allows the crew to attack ballistic targets flying at 4.8 km/s.

The results mentioned above are confirmed as the first time S-400 successfully tested with ballistic missiles flying at supersonic speeds.

S-400 review on Dung Tran channel

According to Russian arms exporter Rosoboronexport (a member of the Rostec State Group), the export version of Triumph can simultaneously guide 160 surface-to-air missiles, and hit up to 80 air targets.

These advanced features give the S-400 a very bright export perspective. Compared to the closest competitor – the US Patriot PAC-3, the S-400 can attack twice as many targets, and also holds the advantage of the ability to track the target (PAC-3 only can track 125 aerial targets).


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