A video recording of the Russian Army destroying a artillery battalion of the Ukrainian Army; Mi-24 helicopter was shot down and the military convoy was set on fire.

Russian media has just posted a video about a 122mm D-30 howitzer field of the Ukrainian Army, which was completely destroyed by the fire of the Russian Army. The video is said to have been shot in the vicinity of Nikolaev.

Observing the battlefield layout area, about a dozen cannons were completely destroyed; the area was plowed by artillery shells. The video shows that the towed artillery of the Ukrainian army was destroyed by the shelling. At least 14 D-30 cannons were deployed on this battlefield area.

It is not clear what kind of fire the Russian Army used. Judging by the destruction, it is possible that the Russian Army used multiple rocket launchers (MLRS).

A few hours ago, a video appeared on social networks showing that a Mi-24 multi-role attack helicopter (which side is unknown), was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile. The combat helicopter was almost completely destroyed by fire, only the tail section was unaffected. The fate of the crew is unknown. The helicopter was shot down by a Man-portable air-defense missile.

On March 4, the Russian army announced that it had captured the strategic city of Kherson in southern Ukraine. The capture of Kherson was strategically significant as it allowed Russia to control more of Ukraine’s southern coast and advance to the western city of Odessa.


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