The US Air Force has stated that there is no longer a minimum height limit for potential pilots, in an effort to encourage more candidates to join the force, especially women.

An American female lieutenant colonel pilot
An American female lieutenant colonel pilot

Previously, the US Air Force required pilot candidates to be 1.63m to 1.96m tall, with a sitting height of 0.86m to 1.02 m.

The New York Times reported on May 25 that the revised policy officially came into effect on May 13, potential candidates no longer need to apply for this exemption.

Although most height waivers are accepted, the old limit actually eliminated about 44% of the American woman aged 20-29, according to the US Air Force.

“We’re really focused on identifying and eliminating barriers to serve in the Air Force,” the force’s notice said.

With the removal of the height standard, the US Air Force now says it will apply the anthropometric review process to select the right aircraft for the new generation of pilots.

Lieutenant Colonel Jessica Ruttenber, who led the effort to adjust the height regulation in the US Air Force, explained that the current military aircraft line is designed based on the average height standards of American men.

The average height of men over the age of 20 in the US is 1.75m, while the women is 1.62m.


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