The US Navy and Air Force lab is completing a five-year joint research program to create cutting-edge high-energy microwave technology this summer, followed by two-month testing in California.

The High Power Joint Electromagnetic Non-Kinetic Strike (HiJENKS) uses microwave technology to effectively neutralize an enemy’s electromagnetic system. The Air Force Laboratory and Office of Naval Research are testing the weapon at an air base.

The HiJENKS is the successor to the Anti-Electromagnetic High Energy Microwave Missile Project that the US Air Force Laboratory (AFRL) completed a decade ago.

Jeffry Heggemeier, AFRL’s head of high-energy electromagnetism, said the program has not yet determined what weapons the new technology will use, but stressed that the smaller size of the HiJENKS makes it suitable for all. aircraft carrier system.

“We will start to consider the application of the technology after this test is completed,” said Heggemeier.

AFRL is also making progress in research into a tactical high-powered active feedback device (THOR), which uses HMP technology to neutralize a range of drones that threaten military bases.

AFRL signed a $26 million contract with Leidos in February to develop the Mjölnir prototype, which will be delivered in early 2024.


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