After the crews completed 14 days of isolation in accordance with Covid-19 prevention regulations, the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier group (CSG-11) had left San Diego home port (California) to carry out a new mission in the Pacific.

The US Nimitz aircraft carrier left the port of San Diego
The US Nimitz aircraft carrier left the port of San Diego

“The carrier strike group team is trained and ready,” the website quoted CSG 11 commander – Rear Admiral Jim Kirk on June 8.

To be able to set sail, all members must ensure the application of safety measures to prevent and control Covid-19. The crew will have to wear masks, enforce social spacing, minimize meeting and gathering on the deck, and disinfect areas several times a day.

Besides the USS Nimitz flagship, the other ships under the control of CSG-11 also left San Diego port, including guided missile destroyers USS Sterett and Ralph Johnson, 17th aircraft carrier squadron, electronic strike squadron, 2 assault helicopter squadron and other units.

In a related development, Reuters quoted two US officials on the same day saying: 60% crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt carrier have the new strain of corona virus antibody (SARS-CoV-2).

According to the most recent update on the disease situation on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, more than 1,100 sailors were infected with Corona virus by the end of April, accounting for less than 25% of the crew. Currently, USS Theodore Roosevelt officially returned to duty, to be deployed to the Indian Ocean – Pacific.


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