In the face of Western threats and sanctions, Russia’s strategic deterrent has been put into combat readiness.

There are four specific conditions for Russia to use nuclear weapons:

  • The first is to receive reliable information about ballistic missile attacks on the territory of Russia and its allies.
  • The second is an adversary that uses nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction to attack the territory of Russia and its allies.
  • Third, the adversary attacks important Russian military facilities or state institutions, causing them to shut down and disrupting the response of Russia’s nuclear forces.
  • And finally, Russia is attacked by conventional weapons that threaten the very existence of the country.

Russia’s nuclear deterrence policy states that the Russian president is responsible for deciding whether to use nuclear weapons. If necessary, the President of Russia may notify other countries or the heads of international political and military organizations of Russia’s readiness to use nuclear weapons, or the decision to use nuclear weapons, and related events.

The Russian Federation has a missile attack warning system, which is divided into space and ground level. The system recognizes when a US missile is launched and responds with a Russian missile. Russian military doctrine holds that, after all, this is primarily a response to aggression.

For example, when a space warning is confirmed by electronic intelligence data and radar systems, (then a proposal to launch a missile in response to an opponent) is presented to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief (President Putin). Mr. Putin will make the decision together with the Chief of the General Staff – this is the second figure capable of influencing the decision.

The “legendary” nuclear briefcase is actually just a means of communication to transmit orders to launch strategic missiles. In addition, Russia also has a command system called Perimeter (Doomsday) capable of operating on its own. Assuming that in the event that President Putin cannot decide for some reason, a nuclear attack will be automated.

The system, also known as the “Hand of Death”, can automatically trigger a command signal to activate the entire nuclear capacity of the Russian Federation.


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