The TR-3A Black Manta is reputedly a United States Air Force spyplane.

Created by technologies of non-human origin, easily beyond the earth’s atmosphere, neutralizing gravity. Even the mere presence of this object is enough to paralyze even the bravest of men. That object is nothing but the TR-3 Black Manta – a Top Secret Project of the US Air Force.

The TR-3A Black Manta is reputedly a United States Air Force spyplane. It is allegedly a black program, and its existence is officially denied. Speculation about this project is especially attractive to aviation enthusiasts. But, it could very well be the biggest hoax, or the biggest technological leap in our history on Earth!

First sighted over Belgium 2 or so decades ago as a mysterious triangular flying object, It has since been seen in a number of locations. Many people believe that it is the existence of UFOs, but there are also sources claiming that these are secret weapons of the US military.

Many sources come from the accounts of some American experts working at a secret military base near the city of Groom Lake. Americans already possess an aeronautical technology beyond imagination. It was a TR-3B plane at Base Papoose, which looked exactly like an alien ship.

The TR-3B aircraft is also codenamed ASTRA. The first operational reconnaissance flight took place in the early 1990s. The aircraft’s nuclear platform was built in the highest level of secrecy, the AURORA Program, funded with money from the “black budget”. At least 3 billion USD invested in this project.

“Aurora” is currently America’s most secretive aerospace program, and the TR-3B is the most bizarre vehicle ever created, funded and coordinated by the NSA, NRO, and CIA. The functionality of the TR-3B is not a fantasy. It was built using technology that dates back to the mid-1980s. So not every UFO seen by humans is of alien origin. The material covered by TR-3B is a radar-absorbing polymer, which can change its reflectivity, radar absorption and color. This polymer, when combined with several electronic systems, can give the TR-3 the appearance of a small flying vehicle or a cylindrical object on a radar screen.

A circle filled with accelerating plasma inside the aircraft, known as magnetic field decay (MFD), surrounds the crew compartment and is superior to any currently known technology. Sandia and Livermore Laboratories developed this secret technology and the US government will do everything to protect it.

Plasma is created by bringing mercury to a pressure of 250,000 atm, at a temperature of -123 degrees Celsius. If accelerated to 50,000 rpm, it will become a superconducting plasma, the end result of this process is remove the force of gravity, helping the plane to fly.

By creating this rotating magnetic field, the influence of gravity on the aircraft is neutralized by 89%. In other words, the weight of the circular accelerator as well as the weight of the aircraft is reduced by up to 89%. This makes this flying vehicle extremely easy to maneuver. With an 89% reduction in weight, the TR-3B can travel at Mach 9, both vertically and horizontally. Sources say that performance is limited only by the pilot’s biological limitations.

The TR-3B’s thrust is provided by three multimodal propellers mounted in each corner at the bottom of the triangular base. The engines are mounted on each corner of the platform using hydrogen fuel or methane and oxygen.

The rocket’s nuclear engine uses liquid hydrogen and increased oxygen for extra power. The reactor heats liquid hydrogen and injects liquid oxygen through ultrasonic nozzles so that the hydrogen burns at the same time as the liquid oxygen. The multimodal propulsion system can operate in the atmosphere with propulsion provided by nuclear reactors.

Sometimes there have been discussions that the mysterious TR3A “Black Manta” was a study project for the B-2 bomber.  That means that TR3A was used as the flying mockup for testing the aerodynamic and control solutions for the B-2 “Spirit” bomber. The thing that supports this thing is that the manufacturer of both planes is Northrop corporation.

The National Security Agency, the CIA and the US Air Force deliberately created a certain of ambiguity about the names of these planes. They originally created TR-3, then it was modified with TR-3A and TR3-B versions. Some versions are manned, others are unmanned. However, many people believe that this is a fictional weapon that cannot exist in reality, it is all just an elaborate hoax made up on the internet.


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