Developed as part of the Portable Air Defense Missile System Project carried out by Roketsan, Sungur is a fourth-generation MANPADS designed for short-range air defense.

Developed by Turkish arms manufacturer and defense contractor Roketsan, the Sungur Missile System will replace the existing Stinger FIM-92 missile systems of the Turkish armed forces. In July 2022, Sungur, Turkey’s first Man-Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS), has entered the Turkish Armed Forces’ inventory.

Developed as part of the Portable Air Defense Missile System Project carried out by Roketsan, Sungur is a fourth-generation MANPADS designed for short-range air defense of mobile/fixed units and facilities on the battlefield and in the rear area. SUNGUR has 8 kilometers range, mobile shooting capability, day and night target detection, identification, tracking and 360 degree shooting capability.

Having superior technological features compared to FIM-92 Stinger MANPADS, SUNGUR will be actively used by pedestal-mounted systems and attack helicopters. Also thanks to SUNGUR will end foreign dependency of Turkey in this area and the Turkish Armed Forces’ needs will be met with national resources in this direction.

The Sungur Weapon System offers a longer range than its counterparts and stands out with its Imaging Infrared Seeker Head, which is resistant to countermeasures and offers the opportunity to lock on to the enemy elements from a longer distance than the eye can see. The system is designed to be compatible with different platform integrations. The 8-kilometer (5-mile) range of the air defense missile used in the system stands out as the most important feature that distinguishes Sungur from its counterparts.

Its propulsion system, which enables it to be more effective at a longer range than its counterparts, and the use of sights, which allow the user to detect and view the target from a long distance before firing, are other technologies that increase the effectiveness and accuracy of the missile. Having the Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) System, Sungur also offers various advantages to the user with its ability to lock onto the target before firing and fire-forget.

Roketsan is currently continuing with the system’s integration with sea and air platforms. It can be mounted on a multi-purpose VURAN 4×4 armoured vehicle built by Turkish defence manufacturer BMC. The vehicle accommodates a gunner who launches the attack upon target identification. A control and display panel with a multi-function colour display and two joysticks in the vehicle assist the operator in target acquisition and firing. Sungur provides a 360° coverage to detect and track targets. A 360° rotating gyro-stabilised air defence turret is mounted on the top of the armoured vehicle. The electrically controlled turret holds two PORSAV missile launcher pods with a total ammunition load of four missiles. It can attack a target at a range between 500m and 8km, up to an altitude of 4km from sea level. The air defence missile system’s shoot-on-the-move capability allows it to engage the target on the move.

The weapon system is equipped with a high explosive, semi-armour piercing warhead. A programmable impact fuse is also fitted to initiate the detonation mechanism of the warhead. The PORSAV missiles, is a fully autonomous fire and forget missile guided by Aselsan’s cooled imaging infrared (IIR) type seeker. It is also designed to withstand countermeasures. The launch engine enables the separation of the missile from the launch tube. The flight engine consists of a two-stage solid propellant system. The missile is said to be able to reach speeds of 2.2+ Mach, like the Stinger, but no official confirmation has yet been released.


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