President Recep Erdogan, in the tradition of his father, has just opened another battle front for the Turkish Army. The scale of battle is predicted to be enormous and can be very bloody.


The campaign, dubbed the “Eagle’s Claw”, is aimed at fighting members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Iraq. This information is shared by the press department of the Turkish Ministry of Defense.

The Turkish Air Force planes and UAVs have launched air strikes against PKK positions in the mountains of Kudistan territory in Iraq.

Photo: Twitter / Ministry of Defense of Turkey.
Photo: Twitter / Ministry of Defense of Turkey.

Turkey’s defense minister, Hulusi Akar, has declared that the campaign is “defensive” and aims to counter “the bunkers, warehouses and stockpiles of terrorists”. Please note that Ankara considers the Kurdish Workers’ Party to be a terrorist organization.

Turkey’s Ministry of Defense Press: “Our air force will destroy the terrorists’ hideout. The campaign is the answer to the frequent efforts from the rebels to attacks on border patrol stations and police stations.”

“The actions of terrorists threaten the safety of the people of Turkey. Additional campaigns will be carried out in Sinkara, Karachak, Avasin Basyan, Kandil, Hakurka, which are places used by terrorists as a base.”

Mr. Hulusi Akar directly controls the Operation “Claw-Eagle”. Turkish Army Chief of Staff Ashar Gyuler, Army commander Yumit Dyundar, Air Force commander Hasan Kyuchukkayuz, Navy commander Adnan Ozbal monitor the progress of the operation. This proves that the operation may not be limited to airstrikes.


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