Russian media reported that Turkey has provided a large number of precision long-range missile ammunition for the TRLG-230 MLRS systems that it has supplied to Ukraine.

Russian site Avia reports that at least 12 TRLG-230 complexes have been delivered to Kiev. It is expected that this weapon will be launched by the Ukrainian army in large-scale counter-attack operations in the east of the country.

MRLS has proven effective on the Ukrainian battlefield. Analysts say the Turkish TRLG-230 will have an impact on the conflict, especially when combined with the TB-2 Bayraktar drones to identify, coordinate and engage its rocket artillery fire on ground targets. Remember at the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, it was the Bayraktar TB2 UAV produced by Turkey that made a significant contribution to turning the battlefield.

Currently, the situation of the Ukrainian battlefield is greatly influenced by long-range rocket artillery, especially the HIMARS type. Both the United States and Ukraine claim that the HIMARS rocket artillery contributed greatly to the success of Ukraine in the counter-attack, especially in the city of Kherson. Meanwhile, the features of the Turkish-developed TRLG-230 rocket launcher are said to have many similarities with the US-made HIMARS.

TRLG-230 is a modern long-range precision rocket artillery system researched and developed by Turkey recently. Developed by Turkish producer Roketsan, the 230mm TRLG-230 missile has high accuracy against targets within a range of 20-70 km, thanks to its global positioning system (GPS) and laser guidance. Interestingly, the rocket pod is mounted on a truck chassis made by KAMAZ, the leading Russian heavy vehicle manufacturer. The pod has six 230-mm guided rockets. Neither Turkey nor Ukraine has officially confirmed using the rocket platform. Ukraine and Turkey have close defence industry cooperation, a relationship that has flourished in recent years. A combination of TRLG-230 and TB2 is expected to have significant effects on the battlefield.


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