Turkey has recently added two new ATR-72 maritime patrol aircraft, known as the P-72 in Turkey.

This is an addition to enhance naval air defense capabilities within the framework of the MELTEM-III program of the Turkish Navy.

The Meltem III Program, covering the procurement of a total of 6 ATR-72 aircraft and their modification into Anti-Submarine Warfare configuration for the Turkish Navy, was signed between Alenia Aermacchi S.p.A and Turkish Aerospace on July 2012. The first ATR-72-600 aircraft arrived at Turkish Aerospace’s facilities on April 19, 2013.

ATR-72 Maritime Patrol Aircraft Join the Turkish Navy
ATR-72 Maritime Patrol Aircraft Join the Turkish Navy

Within the program’s framework, as the main sub-contractor of Alenia, all modification activities will be carried out at Turkish Aerospace’s facilities. Built based on the ATR 72-600 platform, the ATR 72 MP serves as a low-cost, consistent, sea-surface surveillance platform for military forces across the world.

Turkish maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare aircraft are designated ATR-72 TMPA. It is a special version of the ATR-72 turboprop regional aircraft made by the French-Italian ATR joint venture. The typical missions of this version include vessel search and identification, search and rescue, drug, smuggling and piracy control, environmental control, maritime patrol roles, economic exclusive zone patrol, and Anti-Submarine Warfare.


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