The US Navy coordinated the campaign of two carrier battle groups to demonstrate its readiness to confront anyone challenging international rules to help stabilize the region.

US warships coordinated campaigns in the Philippine Sea. Photo: DVIDS
US warships coordinated campaigns in the Philippine Sea. Photo: DVIDS

The US Navy’s 7th Fleet website said on June 28 that two USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Reagan carrier groups were conducting operations simultaneously in the Philippine Sea.

Accordingly, aircraft carrier combat forces conduct joint drills to maintain readiness to respond, be flexible and persistent in accordance with commitments made in defense agreements with allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific.

“We aggressively seek out every opportunity to advance and strengthen our capabilities and proficiency at conducting all-domain warfighting operations,”

“The U.S. Navy remains mission ready and globally deployed. Dual carrier operations demonstrate our commitment to regional allies, our ability to rapidly mass combat power in the Indo-Pacific, and our readiness to confront all those who challenge international norms that support regional stability,” according to Admiral George Wikoff, commander Carrier Strike Group 5.

According to Rear Admiral James Kirk, commander of the Carrier Strike Group 11, only the U.S. Navy can coordinate this large-scale aircraft carrier combat force and demonstrate the power to defend the freedom at sea.

“Only the U.S. Navy can integrate a carrier strike force on this scale and consistently project power to protect freedom of the seas”

“With more than 10,000 U.S. Navy Sailors from across the world working together as one cohesive team, these operations are what keep us ready to respond to any contingency,” says Kirk.

According to the US Navy, it regularly conducts joint operations to support the free and open Indo-Pacific, promoting order based on international law so that every country can reach its full potential without sacrificing national sovereignty.

Earlier, the US Navy said on June 21 that the USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Nimitz carrier groups had just started dual operations in the Philippine Sea.

According to the US Navy, as a Pacific country, the United States has an interest in maintaining security, prosperity, a peaceful solution to disputes, unimpeded legal commerce, and respect for freedom of navigation and overflight throughout the common areas of the Indian – Pacific Ocean.


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