In 1999, the Chinese Navy was overjoyed to receive the Type 051B DD-167 Shenzhen.


Valued up to 2 billion RMB, once considered the largest and most modern warship in the Chinese Navy, the Type 051B class was built with only a single one.

In 1999, the Chinese Navy was overjoyed to receive the Type 051B DD-167 Shenzhen. At that time, this was the largest warship manufactured by China, optimized for stealth and modern weapons. The ship entered the service of the People’s Liberation Army Navy as the flagship.

Type 051B Shenzhen
Type 051B Shenzhen


The Shenzhen Type 051B is also known as the Luhai-class destroyer. The expensive Chinese warship has a displacement of up to 6,100 tons, a length of 153 meters (509 ft), a beam of 17.2 metres (56 ft) and a draft of 6 metres (20 ft). Her crew is 250 people, including 40 officers.

The 6,100 ton warship was intended as an experimental platform to test indigenous steam turbine engines, stealth capabilities and modular construction at Chinese shipyards.

Type 051B resembles in many ways an enlarged version of the Luhu-class destroyer, and is one of the first PLAN ships with a slope-sided hull to reduce radar signature.


The ship is powered by steam turbines due to the 1989 western arms embargo and that domestic gas turbines were not ready in time. The ship’s propulsion system is two steam turbines, releasing 94,000 horsepower. She can reach a top speed of 31 knots (57 km/h) and a range of 14,000 miles (23,000 km).


According to some sources, during the evaluation and use process, China realized that Type 051B had many shortcomings in combat capabilities. In particular, the anti-aircraft firepower with the HQ-7 launcher is too weak. These SAMs lack effectiveness against sea skimming missiles with multiple approaching angles. Indeed, with a range of less than 10km as well as a narrow angle of fire on both sides, the HQ-7 really does not match the stature of a destroyer of more than 6,000 tons like the Type 051B.

Besides, the fact that a modern warship uses 37mm anti-aircraft guns with technology in the 1960s-1970s is terrible. Those are the reasons why the Type 051B was not in favor of building more, and even in 2015, it was put into the factory for modernization, although it is quite new.


(Source: Wikipedia)

Displacement:6,100 tonnes (6,000 long tons; 6,700 short tons) tons
Length:155 metres (509 ft)
Beam:17.2 metres (56 ft)
Draught:6 metres (20 ft)
Propulsion:2 Steam turbines 94,000 shp (70,100 kW)
Speed:31 knots (57 km/h; 36 mph)
Range:14,000 miles (23,000 km)
Complement:250 (40 officers)
Sensors and
processing systems:
Combat data system – ZKJ-6 Information processing system designed by the 709th Institute (Reported speed: 10 Mbit/s) Data link: HN-900 (Chinese equivalent of Link 11 A/B, to be upgraded) Communication: SNTI-240 SATCOM Sea Eagle 3-D air search radar Type 360S air/surface search radar Type 344 fire-control radar (for 100 mm gun & SSMs) Hull mounted sonar Towed array sonar
Armament:16 YJ-12 anti-ship missiles 32 cell H/AJK16 VLS HQ-16 1 dual Type 79A 100mm naval gun 2 Type 1130 CIWS 6 torpedo tubes 2 anti-submarine rocket systems Before 2015-16 refit: 16 HQ-7 surface-to-air missiles (replaced by 32 VLS HQ-16) 4 x 37mm AA guns (replaced by 2 x Type 1130 CIWS) 16 x YJ-83 anti-ship missile (replaced by 16 x YJ-12)
Aircraft carried:2 helicopters: (Kamov Ka-28 or Harbin Z-9C)
Aviation facilities:Hangar accommodating 2 helicopters Landing platform for one helicopter Helicopter landing system


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