China’s Type 052B, also known as Guangzhou-class destroyer, is among the country’s powerful anti-aircraft missile destroyers.

With its advanced missile warships, the Chinese Navy is completely powerful enough to confront the US in many regions of the world. China’s Type 052B, also known as Guangzhou-class destroyer, is among the country’s powerful anti-aircraft missile destroyers.

The class includes 2 ships: Guangzhou (168) and Wuhan (169), both being commissioned into the People’s Liberation Army Navy Surface Force in July 2004. They represent a major improvement over older generation vessels and reflects the PLAN’s need for more modern destroyer designs.

Type 052B
Type 052B

When completed the ship had a displacement of more than 7,000 tons, a length of 155 m, a beam of 17 m, and a draft of 6 m. The hull is based on the Type 051B destroyer with added stealth features, to further reduce radar signature from the hull and superstructure. The large smooth and angled surfaces, a common feature among the new generaton of European FFGs such as French La Fayette class, represent a considerable innovation for China.

The ship’s propulsion system is Combined diesel or gas, consisting of 2 x DA80 gas turbines (35.7 MW each), and 2 x Shaanxi 12V1163-TB83 diesel engines (6.5MW each). The maximum speed achievable is 30 knots. The flight deck may handle a Harbin Z-9A or Kamov Ka-28 helicopter.

The Type 052B was the first Chinese-built warship capable of area air defence. By the time of Type 052B, China had already gained tremendous experience from Russian systems and Chinese domestic systems were also ready. As a result, Type 052B is built with considerable Russian technology including the Russian-made 9M38 Buk-M1-2 (SA-N-12 Grizzly) air defence missile system, an extremely effective air defence system with a range of 38 km.

The primary mission of Type 052B is providing area air defense for the fleet, so anti-shipping mission is secondary, which is handled by 4 quad YJ-83 Anti-Ship Cruise Missile launchers located amidships. For guns she has a 100mm cannon in ‘A’ position and this was also the first PLAN vessel to be equipped with a Close-In Weapons System.

For sub-surface threats, she is armed with 2 triple 324mm Yu-7 Anti-Submarine torpedo tubes and two Type 75 twelve-barrel 240mm antisubmarine rocket launchers. The Type 052B is equipped with four 18-barrel Type 724 chaff launchers for part of its self-defense suite.

The Type 052B uses a Fregat-MAE-5 3D search radar, mounted at the top of the forward mast. Four MR90 Front-Dome radars provide fire control for the SA-N-12 missiles. A Type 344 fire control radar controls the main gun. A Bandstand radar provides fire control for the YJ-83 subsonic anti-ship cruise missile.

The modern capabilities of this vessel demonstrate the Chinese desire to build up their blue-water navy and ability to project force into deeper waters. This shows a strong internationally influencing naval force is being developed and will be a force to contend with in the future.


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