China’s fleet has many warships with significant capabilities, of which the Type 052C is an example

With its advanced warships, the Chinese Navy is completely powerful enough to confront the US air force in many regions of the world. In addition to the latest warships under construction, China’s fleet has many warships with significant capabilities, of which the Type 052C is an example. A total of six Type 052C-class ships are in service with the People’s Liberation Army Navy.

Type 052C also known as Luyang II class destroyer, was developed from the 052B class, with improvements in fixed active electronically scanned array radar and vertically launched surface-to-air missiles into PLAN service, making it the first Chinese warship with area air defence capability. At the same time it is said to have stealth features.

Type 052C
Type 052C

The Type 052C uses predominantly Chinese systems derived from earlier foreign technology; the preceding Type 052 and Type 052B destroyers used a mixture of Russian and Chinese systems. The destroyer has a length of 153m, a beam of 16.5m and a draft of 6m. Full load displacement of the vessel is 6,600t. The ship can accommodate 250 crew members.

In terms of design, Type 052C is conventional by modern standards, such as an enclosed pyramidal mast, flushed superstructure side panels and low-profile smoke funnels. The bow deck is largely unobstructed save for the sole turreted deck gun and a missile bay is seated just aft of the gun. The superstructure contains a close-in defense weapon and leads to the bridge – the bridge being easily identified by its large window panes.

Communications, sensors and radar arrays are fitted atop the bridge which includes the rear-set main mast. Behind the mast structure are the paired smoke funnels fitted in a side-by-side arrangement. There position is slight ahead or right about midships. A shorter, enclosed mast is fitted aft of the smoke funnels leading to a slightly raised superstructure housing a full service hangar. The stern is made up largely of the helicopter deck. A Kamov Ka-28 or Harbin Z-9 helicopter may accommodate.


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