Type 071, NATO reporting name: Yuzhao, classified as an amphibious transport dock class.

In addition to its relatively small and inexperienced aircraft carrier force, the Chinese navy also has a fairly modern amphibious fleet, along with its extremely fast shipbuilding capacity. Understanding this problem, the Chinese Navy has enhanced its combat capabilities by building a series of amphibious ships. Notable is the Type 071 – a class of Chinese amphibious transport dock that China has put into service since 2007.

Initially, China only intended to build only one amphibious ship of this type. However, up to now, China has built up to 5, and continues to build two more. This may show how important the Type 071 is to the Chinese Navy. This is currently also the type of amphibious ship with the largest number in the service of the Chinese Navy.

Type 071 Yuzhao
Type 071 Yuzhao

The amphibious warfare ship features a vehicle deck, well-deck, landing deck and a hangar. It can carry a combination of marines, vehicles, landing craft and helicopters. The ship may embark 600 to 800 troops. The stern helicopter deck offers two landing spots for supporting the operations of two Z-8 transport helicopters.

The twin-door cantilever hangar can house up to four Z-8 helicopters. The well deck houses up to four Type 7 26 air-cushioned landing craft, which can transfer vehicles or marines to the shore at high speed. The LCAC are launched by flooding of the docking area. The vessel can also carry landing craft on starboard davits. The vehicle deck can house amphibious assault vehicles including the ZBD 05 amphibious IFV and the ZTD-05 amphibious light tank. The stern ramp, two side doors and ramps allow rapid loading of the vehicles and equipment.

For self-defense, the Type 071 is equipped with an AK-176 76mm naval gun system at the bow. The vessel is also armed with four 30mm AK-630 close-in weapon systems. Countermeasures are provided by four 18-tube Type 7 26-4 decoy or chaff launchers.


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