Type-88 is designated as a truck-mounted anti-ship missile system

Coastal defense is a very important part of preventing enemy sea attacks. Coastal defense systems with high mobility, which can be launched from many different positions, bring huge tactical advantages. The Type-88 coastal defense system is manufactured by Japan’s largest defense industry corporation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Type-88 is designated as a truck-mounted anti-ship missile system. Its development began in 1979, and was officially adopted and production commenced in 1988. The Japanese military has a total of 54 launch vehicles, along with accompanying support vehicles, each carrying six Type 88 missiles, for use as coastal batteries. Production of this system ceased in 2001.

Type 88 SSM-1
Type 88 SSM-1

This coastal defense missile system uses SSM-1 anti-ship missiles. It is a ground-launched version of the Type 80 or ASM-1 anti-ship missile, carried by the Japanese F-1 and F-2 close support and anti-shipping fighters. The SSM-1 has a longer body with more fuel and an added booster. It is generally similar to the US Harpoon and even use some of its components.

The Type 88 system is based on a Type 74 military truck. This truck has 6×6 configuration and was produced by Mitsubishi. A radar vehicle is based on a Type 73 Kogata light utility vehicle chassis. This mobile radar searches for offshore vessels and provides target information. The Type 88 launcher vehicle is also supported by a reloading vehicle, based on a similar Type 74 military truck chassis. It carries reload missiles. There is also a command post vehicle, based on a Type 73 6×6 truck.


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