Ukraine’s 2S22 Bogdana wheeled self-propelled gun will be mass produced in many variations, Kyiv soldiers have talked about the outstanding advantages of this weapon on the battlefield.

The Ukrainian army on the front lines in the Donetsk region used the 155 mm 2S22 Bogdana self-propelled artillery system with high frequency and gave many positive comments.

The Bodana complex was developed by the Kramatorsk Heavy Duty Machine Tool Building Plant, it went almost directly from the factory to the front, both fighting and gaining experience to carry out adjustments. Bogdana is designed to attack enemy personnel, armored vehicles, warehouses, command and observation posts.

“Bogdana attacks mainly with high-explosive shells and cluster shells, an average of about 100 shells per day, showing that this is a highly durable weapon,” the battery commander nicknamed Vitaliy told the ArmyInform publication. According to officer Vitaliy, Ukrainian Army soldiers are “extremely satisfied” with the 2S22 Bogdana domestic self-propelled gun, emphasizing the excellent maneuverability and high accuracy of each shot.

A soldier nicknamed Frigat emphasized the high level of automation of the Bogdana self-propelled gun, noting its control panel: “You just need to press a button and the main work will be done by machines.” In addition, Frigat said that an automatic loader will likely be added in further modifications, which will make it “no worse than the French CAESAR self-propelled gun”.

According to a commander with the nickname Zhytomyr, self-propelled guns now have many uses, combat time at a location usually lasts no more than 30 minutes – this time includes the route to the location, deployment, firing, reduction, and departure from position.

In the near future, the 2S22 Bogdana wheeled self-propelled artillery system will be mass produced in many versions, so this weapon can be delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine faster. Previously it was reported that one version of the Bogdana will be placed on the MAZ-6317 truck chassis, and the second on the Tatra T815-7 chassis. Meanwhile, the prototype used the KrAZ chassis, but it seems that Ukraine has decided to abandon it.

The use of the Tatra T815-7 chassis is the highest priority, because this base chassis has a large size, allowing the self-propelled gun to carry a lot of reserve ammunition, as well as integrate more complex combat systems.


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