According to Ukrainian media, a deeply improved version of the country’s main battle tank T-64 will soon appear in the parade

Accordingly, the new version of the T-64 tank, will be equipped with a new 6TD-1 engine, much more powerful than the current 5TDF engine. In addition, the armor system will also be upgraded, helping it to survive on the battlefield – against modern anti-tank fire of the 21st century. Ukraine confirmed that the new upgraded version of the T-64 tank being implemented will be the most powerful upgrade ever of this main battle tank.

Born in 1963, the T-64 main battle tank was developed by the Morozov design bureau of the Soviet Union. Compared to previous tanks in possession of Moscow, the T-64 was superior in every way. Specifically, the tank is equipped with composite armor reinforced with fiberglass, accompanied by a 115mm smoothbore gun, later upgraded to a 125mm gun.

main battle tank T-64
main battle tank T-64

This is also the first tank in the world, using an automatic loader system, allowing the number of crew members to be reduced to only 3, driver, commander, and gunner. An improved version was born in 1968, with the designation T-64A, equipped with thicker armor and a 125mm main gun. The T-64A was also considered a revolutionary version, it blurred the line between medium and heavy tanks. The T-64A had thick armor and firepower like a heavy tank but was as maneuverable as a medium tank.

It can be affirmed, the T-64A was the first tank in the world to fit the definition of “main battle tank” – instead of the tank classification based on weight as in the past. The next improved version, the T-64B, was released in 1976. The T-64 continued to create a revolution, when it became the first tank in the world, able to fire missiles through the main gun.

Deeply improved versions of the later T-64 tank were even rated on par with the T-80 or T-84 tanks, far ahead of the original T-72 versions. A few outstanding features of the T-64 compared to the T-72, for example, the automatic loader system of the T-64 was completely hydraulic, not using electricity, so it was more reliable, the interior space was larger, the suspension was more flexible, the magazine was in a safer position, the commander had better visibility, etc.

The fatal weakness of the T-64 tank, it was more expensive and more complex. Therefore, this type of tank was only staffed for the elite forces. It was not until the T-72 version, the Soviet Union balanced performance and price, creating a successful main battle tank line to this day.


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