The delivery of the AMX-10RC to Ukraine is significant in the war against the Russians.

According to Armyrecognition, Ukraine will receive the AMX-10RCR armored reconnaissance and anti-tank armored vehicle from France, an upgraded version of the original AMX-10RC. The combat vehicle is enhanced with protection, firepower and mobility.

There has been debate about whether the AMX-10 RC is a tank or an armored vehicle while France classifies it as a light tank. According to Business Insider, the AMX-10 RC is actually an armored reconnaissance vehicle, a highly maneuverable wheeled system fitted with a 105mm caliber main gun and a tank-like hull. The delivery of the AMX-10RC to Ukraine is significant in the war against the Russians, but whether a classic armored vehicle of the 1970s with thin armor would give Ukraine the upper hand on the battlefield remains to be seen.

The AMX-10RCR features enhanced armor protection compared to the original AMX-10RC. While the base armor on the AMX-10RCR consists of steel, which provides protection against the firing of small arms fire and artillery shell fragments, the AMX-10RCR is equipped with additional modular armor packages. These armor packages can be tailored to specific mission requirements, offering better protection against a wider range of threats, including more advanced anti-tank weapons. In addition, the RCR version is also equipped with the Galix self-protection system and the LIRE infrared jamming system.

The AMX-10RCR is upgraded with the battlefield management information system and identification friend or foe system. Automotive system upgrades include new automatic transmission and new suspension control system. However upgraded vehicles lost their amphibious capability.

The AMX-10RCR’s primary armament retains the same 105mm F2 rifle as the AMX-10RC but includes upgrades to the fire control system and other targeting improvements. The 105mm F2 gun can fire various types of ammunition, such as high-explosive (HE), high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT), and armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS) rounds. This allows the gun to engage a wide array of targets, from infantry and lightly armored vehicles to more heavily armored tanks. The vehicle has a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun. Another 7.62 mm roof-mounted machine gun was added.

The engine and suspension on the RCR have also been upgraded compared to the original AMX-10RC, which improves maneuverability and off-road performance. The vehicle is also equipped with an upgraded suspension system, designed to provide better off-road performance and increased mobility on a variety of terrains. The AMX-10RCR crew typically consists of four members including the commander, driver, gunner, and loader.


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