The Bogdana Ukraine self-propelled gun had a perfect debut when it was considered an important weapon in the battle to regain control of Snake Island.

Initially, the Russian side believed that the French-aided CAESAR complexes helped Ukraine regain control of Snake Island, but the newly released information shows that the actual victory belongs to the Bogdana self-propelled artillery developed by Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces currently have only one 155 mm Bogdana self-propelled artillery system used for testing purposes. However, this weapon perfectly executed the attack on Zmeiny Island (Snake Island) from a distance of 38 km.

Thanks to the photos released by the Ukrainian Army, international military experts can easily find out the location where Ukrainian soldiers deployed self-propelled artillery to carry out the attack on this island.

Based on the images provided by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, it can be seen that the area completely coincides with the location on Kubansky Island. The location of the Ukrainian Army and self-propelled artillery is located at the confluence of the Danube River into the Black Sea.

Judging by the photos, the artillery field has been prepared by the Ukrainian Army in advance, the weapon has undergone real combat and it seems that it has been used more than once.

This is evidenced by the latest photos and frames, it can be seen that the time of day stands out and the angle of the gun turret is very different, both in still situations and while firing.

So far, this is the first documentary evidence of the Ukrainian Army using the Bogdana domestic self-propelled howitzer since the Russian special military operation began at the end of February 2022.

The debut of the self-propelled artillery Bogdana Ukraine was highly appreciated. Weapons produced by Kyiv have tactical features not inferior to the most advanced CAESARs recently aided by France and are active in the Donbass area.

However, when the above information appeared, some Russian military experts noted that the current weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not really be effective or make a turning point on the battlefield.

Moreover, after judging from the images and videos published by the Ukrainian Army, the Russian press commented that when fired from a distance of 38 km, the accuracy of the Bogdana self-propelled howitzer would be very low. It is not enough to put pressure on the soldiers of this country.

But perhaps Russian experts have forgotten that Ukraine built the 155 mm Bogdana self-propelled howitzer in accordance with NATO standards, so it is capable of firing all types of artillery shells that the West helps this country.

Smart bullets with controls from the US and France like M982 Excalibur or Orge will easily overcome the above distances and their accuracy is extremely high. They are applied with GPS navigation or laser beam tracking

The success of the Bogdana self-propelled gun in making an important contribution to the withdrawal of the Russian army from Snake Island. It is expected that this weapon will receive more attention, in the immediate future it will pass the test phase to go to large-scale mass production.

At that time, the Ukrainian Army will have in hand a very modern domestic 155 mm self-propelled howitzer, comparable to the French CAESAR or the Israeli-made ATMOS 2000, capable of competing in the international arms market.


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