These are pictures of the Russian army destroying the DANA self-propelled artillery provided by Slovakia to Ukraine.

According to, the incident happened in the vicinity of the city of Seversk in the Donetsk Oblast. A Russian reconnaissance drone (UAV) discovered a DANA self-propelled howitzer of the Ukrainian armed forces deployed in an open position. Immediately, the UAV transferred the coordinates of the target to the Russian artillery force.

DANA is a wheeled self-propelled gun designed by Czechoslovakia and put into service in 1981. Later, the production line of this weapon was transferred to the successor countries of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Up to now, about 750 DANA artillery vehicles have been built.

Vehicle has a mass of 29.2 tons; 11.16 m long including barrel; 2.97m wide; 2.95m high. The vehicle’s combat crew has 5 people, including the commander, gunner, driver and two people in charge of ammunition.

DANA uses 152mm artillery shells, the longest range is 20km. Maximum rate of fire 4 rounds/minute. The gun barrel angle of the DANA ranges from -4 to 70 degrees. In addition, the roof of the car is also fitted with a 12.7mm machine gun for self-defense.


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