The main units of Ukraine did not withdraw from the encirclement of the Russian army, but chose to stay in the cities to fight.

It has been 10 days since Russia’s special military operation began, the Russian army has taken control of the entire Azov Sea corridor. Crimean, Kharkov and Donbas of the Russian army are forming a large encirclement surrounding the main force of the Ukrainian army in the eastern region.

The Russian army is dividing Ukraine from north to south, creating the largest battlefield siege of the 21st century with hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian troops and national guard forces across all of eastern Ukraine. However, it can be seen that since the beginning of the war, the main force of the Ukrainian army has never broken the siege to withdraw.

In the eastern region of Ukraine, the three main groups of the Ukrainian army, the Kharkiv group, the Mariupol group and the Donbas group, have more than 15 brigades and none of them have been able to break the siege. This force is only waiting for the Russian army to conduct division and encirclement.

Many military experts could not understand what the Ukrainian army was doing, neither attacking the Russian troops nor breaking through and evacuating, but only clinging to urban areas to fight.

Currently, the Russian military has complete control of its air superiority and is qualified to launch bombers, but considering the very low deployment rate of the Russian air force this week, it can be seen that Russia is still don’t want an attack on cities yet.

In western and central Ukraine, no Ukrainian military units were evacuated, and they all used similar tactics to defend the city. Many analysts believe that this is a pre-deployed battle plan and that the Ukrainian army has absolutely no idea of ​​breaking through and withdrawing.

First of all, the Ukrainian army is not capable of stopping the Russian army from attacking on a large battlefield, because the Ukrainian army will have to fight with a very disparate number of troops.

According to military experts, a large and deep attack by the Russian army must be prepared in advance with a large number of elite troops. So, in a way, the Ukrainian army has to face the combat units with overwhelming firepower.

In the end, if it were to directly confront the Russian army, it would certainly be a quick defeat and the Russian army would not suffer much. Therefore, the Ukrainian army did not go to war and waged a long-term battle with the Russian army.

In such conditions, the Ukrainian army has only one option, which is to continue fighting in the city, in order to consume Russian military forces and buy time. Bet on the Russian economy, logistics capacity, fuel consumption and ammunition of the Russian army.

In particular, the Ukrainian troops in the direction of Donbass and Mariupol will not withdraw, they will simply wait to be surrounded by Russian troops. In these places, after many years of conflict in the Donbass region, the Ukrainian army has built a large number of fortifications and defensive positions. At the same time, there are more weapons and ammunition in reserve.

The Ukrainian army wants to use defensive positions, residential areas and huge cities to disperse forces and reduce enemy fire. For the purpose of close combat with the Russian army in close range and street combat.

If the war lasts a month, even more than two months, Russia will be under great economic and logistical pressure. At the same time, the Ukrainian military can use a variety of anti-tank missiles and rocket launchers to attack the long logistics lines of the Russian army, bogging it down and prolonging the war. Ukraine’s tactic is détente, the longer the better.

For the Russian army, simply encircling the enemy is not enough. The eastern part of Ukraine is very large, with a depth of 900 km from north to south and the entire length of Ukraine is 1,300 km from east to west. So if the siege is too big, it’s really not very effective and won’t take down the opponent.

After the Russians formed the encirclement, if the Ukrainian soldiers had enough supplies to survive, they would not surrender, fall or run away. The Russian army needs to mobilize a large number of motorized infantry divisions to attack and completely destroy the Ukrainian army forces in the encirclement.

So for Russia, just being able to quickly destroy a major Ukrainian unit in a large city in a short time can destroy the fighting will of other urban defense groups of the Ukrainian army. But if the war drags on, Russia will certainly face many disadvantages.


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