An “unknown” fighter jet was shot down near Ochakovo and a Mi-35 armed helicopter was shot down with a Stinger man-portable missile.

A few hours ago, an “unknown” fighter plane was shot down by Ukrainian air defense forces near the Ochakov region of Ukraine. The fate of the crew remains unknown.

Judging by the design and remaining elements of the downed aircraft, it can be judged that it is a Su-27, Su-30 or Su-34 fighter.

The fire had completely consumed the fuselage, so the exact type of aircraft could not be determined. But looking at the tail and size, it can be confirmed that this is a Su-27 fighter.

From the position of the crashed fighter on the ground, it is very likely that the aircraft was damaged and the pilot attempted to land the fighter; but it is possible that due to faulty controls or other technical problems, the pilot cannot perform.

According to the official notice of the Russian Defense Ministry, on March 5, four Ukrainian Su-27 fighters were destroyed.

In the information posted on Facebook on March 5, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated: The country’s air defense forces shot down two Russian fighters, five helicopters and an UAV.

Among the downed Russian planes were a Su-25, a Su-34, a Mi-8 helicopter and an Orlan-10 UAV. “Three enemy pilots were also taken prisoner on Saturday,” the American Military News website quoted the Ukrainian military as saying.

“A series of images have been released showing evidence of the Su-34 being shot down. One of the images is quite horrible, will not be shared,” Twitter social network account Intel Doge said.

Before that, it was known about the fate of the pilots of the plane that was shot down over Chernihiv. Initial reports that two pilots were killed were found to be false; Of the two pilots parachuting one pilot survived. It is also not possible to determine the type of plane that crashed.

And a few hours ago, Ukrainian media posted on social networks a video recording the moment an unknown combat helicopter was hit by a Stinger man-portable air defense missile and its crew was killed.

In the video, viewers can see a missile believed to be a Stinger that hit the helicopter. As a result, the helicopter, after losing control and began to lose altitude, overturned and fell into a bush and caused an explosion, making it impossible for the crew to leave the plane.

Currently, it is not clear whether the helicopter that crashed is the Mi-24 or Mi-35 version? Because the helicopter was badly damaged, it is not known whether it belongs to Ukraine or to Russia.

According to another information, a Mi-8 helicopter was also shot down by a shoulder-fired missile. There was no sign of nationality on the plane, so it was not clear which side the helicopter belonged to. As of 3pm on March 6, both sides have not yet reported the loss of the plane.

Meanwhile, The War Zone column of The Drive said that, although it is still difficult to independently verify the material losses or lives of any warring parties in Ukraine; but apparently the Russian Army has lost many fighters, helicopters and at least 1 UAV since yesterday.

Based on reliable open sources, the team of researchers at Oryx Blog said that in recent days Russia has suffered significant losses of combat aircraft, including one Su-30SM, two Su-34, two Su-25, two Mi-24/Mi-35 helicopters, two Mi-8 Hips and an Orlan UAV.

According to The War Zone, the actual numbers are likely to fluctuate, but even if these statistics are slightly misleading in one way or another, it is clear that Russia is starting to accelerate the deployment of its air force into the war over Ukraine.


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