The BTR-94 is a heavily modified version of the Soviet BTR-80 armored personnel carrier, developed by Ukraine in the late 1990s.

The BTR-94 was exported to Jordan in 1997, and later in In 2004, Jordan donated all of these APCs to Iraq. Currently Iraq is the sole operator of this armored vehicle. Based on the BTR-94, Ukraine has developed more modern combat vehicles such as the BTR-3U or the BTR-4.

The most valuable modification on the BTR-94 is a new BAU-23 remote-controlled weapon station, armed with two 23 mm cannons of the ZU-23-2 towed anti-aircraft gun, with a range of up to 2,000 m. There is also a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun. This armored personnel carrier can strike both ground and low-flying targets. Compared to its predecessor, which was only equipped with a 14.5 mm machine gun, the BTR-94 excels in firepower.
Other upgrades on the BTR-94 include ground and air detection radar. The vehicle can be used as a reconnaissance vehicle, conducting radar and optoelectronic reconnaissance of ground and air targets. This radar has a range of 20 km for ground targets and 30 km for air targets. The vehicle has a data link, which transfers data to the higher headquarters. Night vision, observation and targeting systems have also been improved.

BTR-94 has front armor that can resist 12.7 mm rounds, while All-round protection is against 7.62 mm rounds and artillery shell splinters. Interior of this armored vehicle is lined with a Kevlar liner, which prevents spalling. Crew of three, including commander, driver and gunner. The rear troop compartment provides space for up to 10 fully equipped infantrymen. Soldiers enter through side doors or roof hatches.

The BTR-94 is powered by a 300 hp multi-fuel diesel engine, in an 8×8 configuration. The car can reach a maximum road speed of 85 km/h, a cruise range of 600 km. BTR-94 is fully amphibious, with a swimming speed of 9 km/h. It has a central tire inflation system, that can be adjusted when traveling.


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