The M58 is also a US-made mine clearing vehicle. It is effective against conventional landmines.

Russia has deployed UR-77 Meteorit quite effectively on the Ukrainian battlefield. This is essentially a mine clearing vehicle of Soviet origin, but what is interesting is that it is used as an attack vehicle. On the opposite side, it is likely that Ukraine will use the M58 MICLIC to penetrate the Russian defenses. The M58 is also a US-made mine clearing vehicle. It is effective against conventional landmines.

M58 MICLIC is a mine clearance system researched and manufactured by the US since 1988. For this, a C4 explosive charge weighing 794 kg is used, placed in a flexible hose 106 meters long. The charge is supplied by a solid-propellant rocket, after detonation, a passage is formed in a minefield 8 meters wide and 100 meters long. The system itself is placed in a single-axle or two-axle trailer, which can be towed using various armored vehicles.

The units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to use the American mine clearance system M58 MICLIC to make passages in minefields. A video that appeared on the Web shows the use of this system in one of the sections on the line of contact, or at some training ground of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the rear areas, details are not given. To tow a trailer with a mine clearance system, the American MRAP “International MaxxPro” is used.

The M58 MICLIC is deployable in various types of climate and weather conditions. The rocket motor and linear charges can be remotely detonated either from the towing vehicle or a covered position 23 meters away. The launcher and trailer are fully reusable and can be reloaded with a new rocket motor and linear charge in 30 minutes.

When detonated, it can destroy obstacles and minefields within a range of about 800m2. The M58 MICLIC is comparable to the Russian UR-77 Meteorit. Although they are all mine clearing vehicles, when necessary they can turn into offensive weapons to destroy enemy fortifications. The reality of the battlefield shows that Russia has used UR-77 very effectively to attack in recent conflicts. It is not excluded that the M58 MICLIC will also be used in this role.


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