USS Theodore Roosevelt officially returned to duty, to be deployed to the Indian Ocean – Pacific.

USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier leaves Apra port on Guam island
USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier leaves Apra port on Guam island

The website of US Command of the Indo-Pacific, reported on June 5 that the USS Theodore Roosevelt has just left Apra port on Guam to continue its planned mission in the Indo-Pacific region.

Accordingly, the ship arrived in Philippine waters on June 4, and is ready to ensure maritime security, maintain freedom at sea in accordance with international law, as well as with allies and partners maintaining stability and prosperity in the region.

According to Admiral Stu Baker, commander of the No. 9 aircraft carrier operational group, the U.S. Navy’s presence and operations play a fundamental role in strengthening the capacity of countries and partners in the Indian Ocean – Pacific

USS Theodore Roosevelt is being deployed in the schedule of the Seventh Fleet. The ship arrived at Apra port on 27 March after many sailors infected with Covid-19.

After recovering, the crew conducted a capacity test with the aircrew squadron before being dispatched to continue the mission. Currently, the crew has adopted many procedures that have been modified to prevent Covid-19, such as moving on board, eating and keeping distance.

USS Theodore Roosevelt is the fourth US Nimitz-class aircraft carrier with a crew of nearly 5,000. The mission is to support and conduct air operations at sea. Previously, the ship was dispatched to the Indian-Pacific Ocean and left the city of San Diego (California, USA) on January 17.

Also in the operational area of the 7th Fleet, the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan has just conducted damage control training. According to Twitter account @ozisun, the ship is docked at the port of Yokosuka in Japan.


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