The VCTP is an infantry combat vehicle belonging to the Tanque Argentino Mediano family


The VCTP is an infantry combat vehicle belonging to the Tanque Argentino Mediano family, to provide the Argentine Army with a means of effective troop transport and that could be manufactured locally.

It shares most of its components with the TAM Argentine Medium Tank. Both vehicles were built by the state-owned Tanque Argentino Mediano Sociedad del Estado before production was stopped altogether in 1983.


The VCTP chassis is similar to the TAM tank, but the hull is roomier. It has a rear compartment, large enough for 10 infantrymen, being able to enter or exit the vehicle through the rear door.

The basic VCTP IFV is essentially similar in layout to the German Marder but simplified and modified to meet Argentinean Army requirements, which consists of a diesel engine, built by the firm MTU Friedrichshafen that deploys 720 horsepower coupled to a Renk brand transmission, six-speed.



The main armament in its turret is operated by two crewmembers, it consists of a 20 mm automatic cannon built locally under license of the Swiss firm Oerlikon Contraves and an external FN MAG machine gun, mounted as 7.62 mm caliber anti-personnel weapon, which at the same time it fulfills the roles of anti-aircraft machine gun.

Another machine gun of similar caliber is mounted on a remote control station on the back. This is controlled from the troop compartment.


These vehicles entered into combat in internal conflicts in Argentina. In 1992, 15 units were deployed to Croatia to participate in the United Nations Protection Force, forming the armored element of the Argentine Army armored battalion. They were used for logistics, escort missions, and protection of civilians. They finished their mission in August 1995, when they were part of the eighth contingent of troops.

Compared to the Marder, the VCTP is faster, due to its more powerful engine. But despite all its advantages, the VCTP was never exported.


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