New video has emerged showing the moment the MV-22B hybrid helicopter crashed while landing on the USS Green Bay, killing 3 US soldiers in 2017.

The incident occurred off the coast of Australia in August 2017 when the MV-22B Osprey of the US Marines’ 265th Hybrid Helicopter Squadron attempted to land on the flight deck of the amphibious transport dock ship USS Green Bay, but the video About the accident first appeared on social networks on July 3.

In the video, the MV-22B approached the flight deck of the USS Green Bay, when there were many helicopters parked. The plane suddenly tilted to the left and lost altitude, causing the left engine to slam into the flight deck. The sailors present on the deck hurriedly fled, while the plane continued to descend. The cameraman standing in the hangar also realized the danger and tried to escape.

The US Department of Defense has not commented on the video.

There were 26 US service members on board at the time of the crash, of which three were the co-pilot, the airborne mechanic and an infantryman.

The results of an investigation published by the US Marines in 2018 showed that the plane crashed due to too strong downward pressure and not enough lift to maintain a suspended state. In addition, the MV-22B can carry too much weight for this mission. The Marines have confirmed that this was an accident, not human error, and have adjusted operating procedures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The V-22 hybrid helicopter was ordered by the Pentagon in 1983, with the goal of creating a jet aircraft that can operate in narrow terrain such as forests. It can operate on extremely short field runways or helicopter carriers. The helicopter line is divided into many variants including CV-22B for the US Air Force, MV-22B for the Marines and CMV-22B for the navy.

The V-22’s rotating propulsion system allows the aircraft to set up propellers to take off and land vertically like a conventional helicopter, or to run and land like a plane. V-22 Osprey has a length of 17.5 m, a width (including propellers) of 25.8 m, a maximum take-off weight of 27.4 tons, a range of 1,600 km. The aircraft can carry 24 soldiers and 9 tons of cargo and military equipment.


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